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Interior Designing

At 4 Frames we want to keep you up to date with all the developments in the world of luxury interior design. That’s why we’ve developed our own team to work with you the latest trends in interior and architectural design.

We treat every project as a unique design journey with our Interior Designers priding themselves on interpreting your tastes and ambitions to create your perfect project.

Our luxury interior design services encompass total turnkey solutions for our clients. We design every aspect of the project from wall and floor finishes to each and every area specifications, lighting and electrical design to procurement, installation and decoration.

We're passionate about textures, combining materials and fabrics, deep colour palettes and tailored lighting systems, to create a flowing narrative from room to room – producing interiors that tell a story.

We find ourselves every week looking at the latest trends in art and culture. Looking at what the world’s most progressive architects are creating and combine our inspirations to develop our own ways of thinking.